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Detect abnormalities on your structure in a single click

From dams and dikes to conduits, hydraulic structures need constant safety monitoring for abnormal behavior. Condor C is a digital tool offering a trusted, instant view of the conditions in your hydraulic structure. 

Condor C considers your structure’s monitoring measurements under identical loading conditions in terms of water level and temperature. With a single click it can detect any abnormal behaviour such as mechanical drift, increased seepage or pore pressure in the foundation.

Keep your engineering team informed, aligned and able to proactively respond to risk with Condor C.

For over 40 years, Condor C has been empowering engineers at Tractebel and its customers.


Determine the best statistical model to reproduce the current behaviour of your structure based on its past history. Adapt it as often as necessary and get an appraisal of its representativeness.


Check the behaviour of your structure after each new measurement, easily transferring results to databases and accessing reports in a single click.


Apply your Condor C model to predict future behaviour, considering the most likely water levels and temperatures.


Key Features

A digital workspace built for productivity

Condor C features a digital workspace to store all your structure’s safety data in one easily accessible place and make it easy to build a representative statistical model based on the past behaviour of your structure.

Vivid views of abnormalities

Get models with Condor C that offer vivid views of potential abnormal conditions and developments that demand a response. Models highlight the general behaviour of the structure: for example steady state or existing global trend in terms of deformation or seepage that could be connected to some ageing of part of the strcutre. They also highlight the quality or not of the measurement made by the site dam monitoring team.

Condor C allows us to quickly share the information on any abnormal event between the engineering team and the owner of the hydraulic structure.

Designed for pro-active engineering

Condor C calls striking attention to abnormalities, indicating their location and extension in time and space for analysis, potential investigation and then remediation if necessary. Reports built for pro-active engineering are available in just one click. Reports can then be transmitted to Authorities for justifying the management of the structure safety.

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