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Our digital solutions built to generate your engineering advantage.

Your engineering advantage and positive impact, delivered

Our portfolio of digital applications are built to generate new sources of engineering advantage and positive impact for your energy, water and infrastructure project. All powered by Tractebel’s world-class teams of imaginative experts. 

Engineering must become faster, smarter and more agile to realise the carbon-neutral future our planet and people demand. Tractebel is bridging this gap with applications to proactively solve some of the world’s toughest challenges in energy, water and infrastructure engineering. 

Our applications enable fundamental positive shifts by leveraging data and analytics, integrating tools, digitising platforms, streamlining operations and more. 

We’re relentlessly working to reimagine engineering with technology that can unlock more and better positive impact

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“Tractebel Digital reflects the best of Tractebel’s innovation culture and relentless pursuit of solutions to fuel the energy transition.” 

Gauthier Polet, Head of Innovation Lab at Tractebel


Solving some of the world’s toughest challenges in energy, water and urban engineering with over 5,000 world-class experts.


Imaginatively engineering solutions for faster, smarter and more agile engineering that accelerates the energy transition.


Enabling shifts with positive impact by leveraging data and analytics, digitizing platforms, streamlining operations and more.

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