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Visualise cable risks and get an eye on submarine solutions

Submarine cables are the most frequent, and largest cause of insurance claims for offshore wind projects. Until now, developers have lacked a tool to visually assess the many risks involved in cable installation and maintenace.

Built by IMDC, a subsidiary of Tractebel, Cobra enables developers to get a sharp eye on the threats identified during a Cable Burial Risk Assessment (CBRA) and take smart mitigation decisions. It’s an application built to improve conservative estimates of residual risk, and ultimately reduce the installation and insurance costs for your subsea cables. 


Go beyond what you think about the risks to your subsea cables. Cobra visually reveals weaknesses and threats backed by data, leading to specific mitigation recommendations you can trust.


Cobra lets you view the information you need, and none you don’t. Customise the data layers to get an eye on the risks you and your stakeholders need to take smart mitigation actions.


Cobra can be used by all your diverse stakeholders from windfarm development and installation to operation and decommissioning. With one shared and trusted view, decision-making is possible together.


Key Features

Customise your view

Developers are typically more concerned with risks related to the massive foundations and towering turbines in offshore wind projects. But the submarine cables that export power to mainland power grids actually carry some of the biggest risk. Cobra ensures these threats don’t get overlooked.

It enables you to visualise the results of your Cable Burial Risk Assessment (CBRA), customising the data layers including by: 

  • bathymetry
  • top of stratigraphic layer
  • thickness maps
  • boreholes
  • obstacles
  • third-party assets
  • pre-sweeping level
  • actual seabed levels
  • reference seabed level
  • maximum seabed level
  • predicted seabed mobility in years

Realise cost savings

Cable design typically accounts for about 10% of an offshore wind development’s initial investment. But nearly half of all insurance claims in the offshore wind industry globally and 80% in Europe are cable-related.

Cobra enables you to proactively identify and mitigate costly risks. The visualisations are especially effective to identify the optimal cable ‘Depth of Lowering’ to pre-sweep, install and protect subsea cables over their full life-cycle. 

Simple to use with GIS

Cobra is designed as a user-friendly tool to make informed, smart decisions that carry less risk for your submarine cables. All visualisations are generated in a GIS environment and are directly accessible by simply clicking a specific section on the map. The URL of a selected view of the map and profile graph can be generated and shared with different users. 

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