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Unlock the ideal location for your next renewable energy project

You need data you can trust backed by engineering intelligence to make a crucial decision: where to locate your next wind, solar or hybrid project.

Wisogis empowers you with the evidence and insights to make this choice with confidence anywhere on the globe. And with ease. It’s a user-friendly app with features to customize your search to your unique project needs.

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Our online tool has been developed by our wind & solar experts. Based on your projects inputs, Wisogis provides you with a high-resolution heatmap describing the Levelized Cost Of Energy (LCOE) anywhere on the globe.
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Wisogis collects the most relevant and reliable data from advanced models of wind turbines, solar panels and climate datasets. Our model is calibrated from measurements from across the globe.


Making smart choices requires more than data. You need intelligence based on engineering acumen and experience. That’s what Wisogis delivers. Results are based on Tractebel’s global expertise.


Big Data in engineering is just that. Big. Wisogis gives you the information you need, and none you don’t. Cut through the clutter and focus on the criteria that matters for your project.


Key Features

Advanced models, powered by GIS

Wisogis uses advanced modeling of wind turbines and solar panels as well as recognised climate datasets to estimate the hourly production of your renewable energy project. Based on a GIS approach, Wisogis processes multiple geospatial criteria to determine no-go zones such as natural parks, forests, urban areas and large waterbodies.

Heatmaps down to 250m

Wisogis evaluates the development costs of your project from expenditures and grid connectivity to topography assessments. You’ll gain a heatmap with a spatial resolution down to 250m describing the LCOE, Levelized Cost Of Energy, for your location anywhere on the globe. R esults are based on typical investment and operational costs for the region, regularly updated with geographical and technical data.

Quick results with expert support

Your search on Wisogis generates results at speed. Forget about waiting days for the data and intelligence you need. Wisogis is fast, powered by the latest in cloud computing. It’s designed for independent use, but if you need extra support you can get it. Tractebel experts are here to help you interpret data and make the smart decision for your renewable energy project.

of global electricity is produced by wind and solar power
GW of global wind and solar power installed capacity
times more wind and solar power needed by 2030 to meet global climate targets

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